Leading up to this Mother’s Day, I’m feeling the incredible weight of these last 14 months of parenting. I’m so fucking tired. I desperately need a break. But what has made it 10 times worse has been the consistent shaming on social media of parents, mostly moms, talking about how hard the last year has been with our school-aged kids not able to go to school.

To be told you’re an awful, selfish mom cuz you don’t want to be around your kid 24/7 has taken a huge toll. The worst part is that it seems to be mostly fellow…

I think we’re at a crucial point in this debate on school reopening right now. Case rates are dropping quickly, the surge is over, and people are starting to get vaccinated — though way too slowly of course. The public health community, including the CDC, have reached consensus that reopening schools is an urgent priority (instead of citing all my sources, I’m going to do more of a free-write here, so feel free to reach out if you want me to cite a source for anything I write here).

This is because the harms of prolonged school closure vastly outnumber…

Message to Bernie supporters from a Warren supporter: Tread lightly

On Super Tuesday, I worked the polls for over 15 hours in Oakland, California. At 9:30pm, I headed home, exhausted and starving, only to find that Elizabeth Warren was trailing Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden by wide margins, even in her home state of Massachusetts. Tears sprung to my eyes in bitter disappointment, understanding that this was the end of the line for her campaign. As expected, Warren officially suspended her campaign last Thursday.

The fact that Warren didn’t perform better once the caucuses and primaries began is an incredibly…

The film brings up the complicated emotions many natives have about their beloved city

Photo: A24 Films

In the final act of the recently released independent film The Last Black Man in San Francisco, the protagonist, Jimmie (played by Jimmie Fails), is on a Muni bus when he overhears two women, clearly transplants to the city, dissing San Francisco.

“I’ve been saying for months, let’s just move to East LA. This city is dead,” one of the women says.

Up until this point in the film—which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and has been lauded by critics—Jimmie has been a silent observer of the gentrifiers who’ve invaded his hometown and their notably un-San Francisco-like behavior. This…

Someone (probably on Twitter) once said that academia is like a bad relationship where the aspiring academic gives and gives and never gets anything in return. Countless PhD holders sacrifice everything to “succeed” in academia, with success defined as attaining a tenure-track job, a position that guarantees you at least seven years of job security, good benefits, and institutional support to conduct research. (No matter that you might be a wonderful teacher or have published a whole book — if you don’t have a TT job, you’re a failure.)

Then, of course, there’s the question of securing tenure, a rigorous…

Former New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn sent the internet into a tailspin earlier this week when she labeled actress and newly announced gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon an “unqualified lesbian”. The uproar thus far has mainly focused on the salaciousness of political infighting between two queer women. However, what’s missing is a critique of Quinn for mislabeling Nixon as a lesbian. Nixon has referred to herself as bisexual, and glossing over this difference is a clear example of bi erasure, or the assumption that bisexuality is not a real identity, but merely an intermediate stop on the sexual orientation…

Rarely does a live concert album match the brilliance and popularity of a studio album, but that’s what Erykah Badu’s Live did when it was released on November 18, 1997, just nine months after the debut of her first and iconic album, Baduizm.

I think the Live album was at least as important, and maybe more, than Baduizm because of the unique advantages of a live concert. Badu has long been known for her eccentric, outsized persona, and the improvisatory nature of a live recording perfectly suited her, propelling this album to platinum status.

Not only did she musically improvise…

Before you read my take, go read these pieces by Dr. Brittney Cooper: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/music/a8775477/adele-black-friends-at-the-grammys/

and Luvvie Ajayi: http://www.awesomelyluvvie.com/2017/02/2017-grammys-recap.html

When Beyoncé’s tour de force album Lemonade won Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards last night, I began to worry about her chances for Album of the Year. …

The series treats relations between Dominicans, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans with a level of nuance uncommon in mainstream media

Image: http://www.lionsgatepublicity.com

The fourth season of Orange Is the New Black (2013 — ) has a lot to say about inter-ethnic hostility within the Latinx community. The episode “Power Suit” (4.2) dives most deeply into these conflicts, treating relations between New York Dominicans, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans with a level of nuance and depth uncommon in mainstream media.

In “Power Suit,” we learn via flashbacks that inmate Maria Ruiz (Jessica Pimentel) does not have an easy relationship with the Dominican nationalism her father tried to inculcate in her. …

Rebecca Bodenheimer, PhD

Writer. Editor. Independent scholar. I write about pop culture (music/TV/film), Cuba, higher education, and identity. https://rebeccabodenheimer.contently.com/

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